• Controlling and eradication of offences

          Controlling and eradication of offensive, dangerous or obnoxious trades, calling and practice.

  • Removal of undesirable constructions

          Removal of undesirable constructions and projections in Cantonment roads and other public               places.On the ground of public safety, health or convenience, the cantonment Boards can                 initiate actions for removal or demolition of undesirable obstructions and projections in roads and         other public places.

  • Ensure public safety and suppression of nuisance

         Cantonment Boards can take necessary action in the interest of public safety and are                      empowered by law to suppress nuisances like drunkenness, disorderliness, loitering, begging              importunately, behaving in a threatening manner so as to provoking, breach of peace, gaming,            carrying of meats exposed to public, defacing public properties by way of affixing postures,                writing slogans etc. Depositing offensive matter and rubbish in places not intending for the                purpose, use of loudspeakers etc.

  • Prevention of infectious or contagious diseases
  • Controlling of traffic for hygienic purpose
  • Controlling the construction of buildings

          Every Board have its bye-laws regulating the number of floors, plinth area, frontage etc. so as           to ensure public safety, health and hygiene as well as in the interest of defence properties and         security  concerns.

  • Control over streets, boundaries, trees etc

          The Board is empowered to pass strictures so as to ensure proper use of streets and protection         of trees or removal or trees if considered

  • Removing of dangerous buildings and places

          The Board may order removal of dangerous and precariously standing buildings and can order for         their rectification as well.

  • Control on sale or spirituos liquors and intoxicating drugs