• Public Health and Hygiene 

          Sanitation: The Cantonment Board is responsible for cleansing of streets, public places and               drains, collecting and disposal of garbage, removing of noxious vegetation.

          Ancillary and Preventive Medication: Establishing and maintaining public hospitals and                       dispensaries, system of  programmes  and attempting for eradication of dangerous diseases and         epidemics.

          Water Supply: Providing safe and pure drinking water as well as preventing pollution of water             resources.

  • Street Lighting

    Providing & maintaining HPSV / CFL and appropriate lighting fixtures on roads streets as well as public  places.

  • Registering Births & Deaths

        The registration of births and deaths occurring in a Cantonment whether they take place in               army hospitals, Cantt. General Hospital or state Govt. hospitals as per the prevailing rules and           regulation is a very vital function  of Cantonment Board.

  • Establishing & Maintaining Primary Schools

        In order to ensure implementation of primary  education as a fundamental right, Cantt Boards             wherever possible and convenient have established  and maintaining primary schools.

  • Taking census and registration on vital statistics

        The census operations and registration of vital statistics pertaining to the Cantonment as under         taken by Cantonment Board as a joint exercise with the other organization involved.

  • Afforestation Programme

          Cantonment Board undertake afforestation programmes  in the interest of improving the                   environment.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of burial Grounds
  • Establishing and maintaining Cattle Pounds

        Establishing and maintaining Cattle Pounds in order to control the cattle and stray animal                   menace. Cattle pounds    are established and maintained by Cantt. Boards wherein the stray             cattle and animals are capsized and the owners are punished as per the cattle trespass Act and         the prevailing rules.

  • Establishing and maintaining fire stations

        Cantonment Boards within the resources available are liable to render assistance in extinguishing         fires and protecting life and property when fires occur.

  • Imposition of taxes

        Cantonment Board can levy various taxes like property tax, trade tax, water tax, etc. in the             Cantonment in the interest of improving and maintaining public finances.